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Re-sizing columns in the list view Collecting Feedback

When selecting the list view in the list pane of the Agent Interface, I can choose which fields to display, with the exception of the Ticket ID and subject, which are always present. However, the ticket subject seems to occupy a fixed ~50% of the available space, limiting the amount of extra field information that can be usefully displayed. This often results in severely curtailed field information, for instance only displaying the first few characters of an Agent field, or a Date field cut in half, thus making it almost useless to include. When selecting the 1-column view, there is more space available for extra field information, but the above still occurs whenever I display more than 4 or 5 additional fields. Of course the default tile display shows all selected information, but it is a lot less easy to parse visually than the pure one-row-per-ticket list. I would appreciate a way to modify the display width of these fields, or to reduce the amount of real estate occupied by the ticket subject.

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Zara Marchesi
Thanks for your feedback! The DeskPRO Helpdesk is constantly evolving, and we love collaborating with you to develop and grow our product into one that works for you. Whilst we love your idea for a way to modify the display width of certain fields, or to reduce the amount of space occupied by the Ticket subject; we don't have any current plans to develop the design of these areas within the DeskPRO Helpdesk. However, other Users can contribute and agree with your Feedback, and the more people it benefits, the more we will consider it!

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