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Option to Disable Agent IM - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support

Our organization already has an IM platform (ex: Skype). And so the presence of an IM option in one tool such as DeskPro can be confusing for them. We would find a simple administrative option to disable agent IM (remove it from the agent portal) useful.<br /> <br /> An alternative implementation could be to make use of agent IM a permission, and then an admin could control it by user permission group. This would allow an admin to disable it at a more granular level than global. Of course, this is more complicated to implement.<br /> <br /> Our organization would just need the global enable/disable switch. Perhaps that is a good first step in a potential evolution to adding it as an agent permission.

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Michael W.
I second that. We use Slack as the company IM. I would like to see an option to disable agent IM completely. I also would like to see @mentions in notes to be shown as a notifications instead of an IM message. That would be consistent with our other systems we use (for example JIRA). Another option would be, that agents can set their slack handle in the preferences and receive mentions as a slack direct message.
Colin Dunn
I do understand, there is an element of "best practices" here as well to implement, so you would need to train your agents to not use the IM feature - if you would rather exclusively use something like slack/hipchat/jabber for communications to centralize internal correspondence that does make sense. I can see this being an annoyance, especially with larger helpdesks, managing a large amount of agents and do see the benefit of just a global option to disable IM to start with. We will look into this, and the possibility of later implement per agent/team permissions for access.
It would be useful to create a way to disable chat between agents

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