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Can we get a feature for Department based permissions where Agents can only see Agents in the same Department E.g

Risk: Tom, Joe and Murray

HR: Frank, Rosy and Fred

So Risk can only see Risk Agents and Teams and HR can only see HR Agents and Teams

If a permission can be added that would be good as having 20 agents and 6 teams in one drop down is annoying

This would also apply for the internal agent IM, we would like the ability to give permissions so that agents can only message people in their team/decide who they can message.

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Freddie Joyce
We are hoping to use departments to segregate multiple clients within the same service desk. Clients cannot see each others' tickets if Department permissions are set correctly, so it should also be possible to prevent Agents in a group from seeing Agents who are not in their Department(s). For example: if user A is in Dept. 1, user B is in Dept. 2 user C is in Dept. 1 and Dept. 2 then: User A should only see User C User B should only see User C User C should see both Users A and B
Steve, Lam Hang
Currently we always see all agents that use DeskPro in the Agent drop-down field. I would imagine that if we are creating different brands that our lines of businesses could not see corporate services agents and vice versa. I have created two brands and my agents can see every single agent that users this system.
This would be a great way of reducing the pull down for Agents as we have 127 Agents in the system.
Jamie Talbot
Hi, I am currently looking to roll Deskpro out to 2 more departments and this would be a key feature that I would like to use. I can see this thread is 3 years old will this feature be added in a future update? Thanks Jamie
Jamie Talbot
Hi, I am looking to roll out Deskpro to a further 2 departments and hiding agents based on departments in a key feature that I would like to use. I can see this treat is 3 years old, will this feature be added in a future update? Best Regards Jamie
Marty Sabel
Definitely needed, this is a feature that we need ASAP,

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