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FWD Ticket With Attachments - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


FWD Ticket With Attachments Finished

Good Day, An accurate depiction of how we envision this working would be similar to Outlooks FWD functionality - When you FWD an e-mail that originally contained attachments those attachments get automatically copied into the new message. However with DeskPro and its interface being much different - I believe an option in the drop-down for each message that states Forward with Attachments would be magic. Assuming there could be some logic that checked if there are in fact any attachments first.

The above option would be appended to the list so you would still have Forward Message (Original without an attachment at all times) and then appended Forward with attachments. I have attached an image of the menu where this would appear. If the particular message contained an attachment add the option.

Thank you, Dusten

Comments (2)

I agree; this would be a nice feature.
Paul Davies
Hi Dusten. A new forwarding feature has been added into Deskpro for this intended purpose. Please see our release article: