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DPQL: Average response time for every agent response - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


DPQL: Average response time for every agent response Collecting Feedback

Currently the helpdesk reporting system can easily measure the average time till the first agent response. This is a built in, core stat.

An additional stat on average response time for 'every agent response' in a ticket could be a useful addition. 

Thoughts from the Deskpro support team: This concept could be complex to actually implement, as support tickets will rarely follow a completely perfect back and forth pattern. If a query like this could be built, it would need to ensure it only calculates the time differences between the a first user message, and first agent response during each interaction in the ticket. This would need to account for circumstances where multiple agents respond consecutively - or an end user sends multiple messages. 

There would need to be thought over workflows which may involve internal notes or re-assignment/escalations or pending statuses - circumstances where tickets may be actioned by an agent, but not necessarily responded to. 

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