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Download all attachments at once Collecting Feedback

Now we download the attachments one by one, it would be faster to save it at once. Could you please add a button? Thanks,

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Chris Padfield
Do you mean download all attachments as a zip file? As far as I know browsers do not support one action downloading multiple files automatically; have you seen this in another product?
Philipp Bartsch
I'd like to have such an option, too. Some people do not pack their files but use drag and drop only. I know that the portal of my former university did offer the option to download all files in one topic/folder at once as archive.
Jeroen van der Steen
This would be extremely useful to us too. We regularly receive emails from users with a large number of data files to analyze. These now have to be downloaded individually, or we have to retrieve them manually from the original email (stored on our Exchange server). Download all attachments to a message as a single zip file would be very helpful. Solutions like this are seen in some other products as well (e.g. Google Drive). (I agree that downloading the files separately is not possible.)
Arkin Hamidin
Deskpro Team, Any update on this feature request? We would appreciate if this is possible asap. Thanks
Sergey Popov
We would like to download all attachments as a single ZIP file for faster download.
Clint Broadhead
Some times there are messages that contain several attachments. It would be convenient to have the option to select the gear in the upper right-hand corner of a message and use a 'Download attachments' option that wraps up the attachments into a zip file and triggers download.

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