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Add ability to create follow-ups with macros Collecting Feedback

I really love the new follow-up functionality. However, I've noticed that I often find myself setting the same kind of follow-ups, such as kicking a ticket back from Awaiting User to Awaiting Agent if no response has been received for a certain amount of time (say 1 or 2 weeks). Since it takes quite a few clicks to create a follow-up, it would be nice if you could make default follow-ups using a macro.

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Chris Radi
This would be a huge help for us. We usually create a follow-up on tickets when we think they are resolved; so, the ticket will be closed after a period to confirm resolution. Right now, creating this follow-up takes a lot of clicks. Several of our end users will often reply with a "thank you" which then cancels the follow-up and we have to recreate it. If we could create these follow ups using either ticket triggers or macros, it would save us a ton of time.

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