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Ability to display a special note in a ticket - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ability to display a special note in a ticket Collecting Feedback

We would like the ability to display a highlighted, always viewable note for a ticket, user, and/or organization. This way, special information about the ticket, user, or organization can always be seen by agents viewing a ticket.

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Andrew Cavill
Agree it would be really useful to be able to "pin" a ticket so it stays at the top. A flag on each message/note in the ticket history that provides a custom colouring of the background of the message would also be useful, so that pertinent messages can be highlighted.
Andrew Cavill
Realise my comment was a bit misleading there. I meant to say "...would be really useful to "pin" a message in a ticket so it stays at the top....." hopefully that was apparent from the context. Often agent notes/important details get buried in the message history, which makes it really hard for other agents to pick up a ticket and know the most important info. We added a "pinned notes" field so that appears in the ticket header, but obviously that has some formatting limitations etc.

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