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How do I bulk delete tickets?

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I have a lot of tickets that I want to get rid of. Bulk deleting them from the agent interface is taking too long. What can I do?


There is no performance reason to delete old tickets in Deskpro. If you have over a million tickets and find that the agent interface is slow, enable ticket archiving to restore performance. 

Think carefully before you delete old tickets. Doing this removes a valuable source of information for your agents, who can search your previous tickets to see if a problem has been reported before and how it was solved.

However, if you need to delete existing tickets in bulk, you can do it using the Deskpro API. This requires basic programming skills in any language that can send requests over HTTP. If you can't do this yourself, please contact for a quote.


Filtering tickets as they're created

You may get a lot of useless tickets being created from email delivery failure notifications. See this article for how to automatically delete these with a trigger.

If you are getting tickets being created from spam emails, configure your email account/server to apply a spam filter before forwarding messages to Deskpro. Deskpro does not have its own spam filter.


Deleting old tickets

If you don't want to retain tickets over a certain age, create an escalation that deletes tickets after they have been in the resolved status e.g. a month. The escalation will only work on tickets that are created after you make it.

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