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Hi. We'd like a way to have notes we enter into a ticket, be marked to show in a separate field at the top of the ticket, so they are always visible. The problem we're experiencing is lengthy tickets, with copious notes/emails so the description of what we're tracking or notes regarding possible solutions become buried in a cascade of prior notes and emails. I am imagining that if there were some sort of tags we could add into the body of a note <TOP_LEVEL />, those notes within the tab would then show up in a text area toward the top, or a pop out.


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Lara Proud

Thanks for the suggestion Mark. We've recently implemented the "Ticket Summary" feature which does just this. If you open up your Ticket Actions menu, there's the option to "Add Summary" this will open a new Summary tab in the content panel for the ticket you're currently viewing. Agents can then add and update the summary with any key information they don't want getting lost in the message thread, giving you better and faster visibility when trying to quickly grasp what you're tracking. You can read about this feature here:

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Jeroen Geilman
I added a Custom Multiline Ticket Field and added it to all layouts.