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Sync AD user info - Remarques / Feature Request - Deskpro Support

I'd like the ability to sync ad users info through the ticket system so we can pull that info by clicking on their name in the agent interface. This should also include the img file so we can put faces to names. It would be cool if the img automatically showed like the agents do, but that info is pulled from AD. See attached (redacted info for privacy) image as an example of what we have and what we'd like to see.

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Steve Hersker
Would love to be able to map AD attributes to built-in User fields. For example, map the AD attribute "physicalDeliveryOffice" to DeskPro "Organization".
Daniel Mewes
+1 We'd love to be able to sync even more information like phonenumbers. Imagine how helpful that'd be if a customer opens a ticket and you can see his phonenumber to call him back by clicking on it (if you have a click to call phone/voip client).

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