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Round Robin Queue outside Working Hours Collecting Feedback

If you use Round Robin based on 'User Logged In', it works great when Agents are logged in. However, over a weekend or over a night you are likely to receive some or a lot of new tickets. Because these new tickets can't be assigned (due to the users not being logged in), on Monday morning when agents do log in, all of the tickets received over the weekend are 'Unassigned'. They have to be manually assigned. This defeats the object of Round Robin assignment. My suggestion is some kind of Trigger that monitors the tickets every x minutes/hours. So, if it sees that tickets are unassigned, it attempts to assign them via the round robin rules. If no agents are logged in, the tickets remain unassigned. A few minutes/hours later (user defined) the script runs again. If the next time it runs happens to be 8.30 om Monday morning, round robin will kick in and assign all of the 'unassigned' tickets in order to the available agents (not to one agent).

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Scott Cove
We also struggle with this, and have found that we've needed to create a filter that has all unassigned tickets in awaiting agent state. We've currently then got an update trigger that will round-robin the ticket if it is unassigned. But this does not trigger by itself. Having a custom check-box as a field that does nothing then saving the ticket after the box is checked does indeed round robin the ticket, but it is a pain to do so. Having an "every x" trigger option, as Chris has proposed, would be great, as it removes the manual process of having to check a box every morning.

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