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More Control Over Managers Collecting Feedback

If I add a manager I want to select for which all users he will able to view the tickets

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Joël Messas
Interesting. Here's the case : Someone asks to view other's tickets, for all the company they belong to. But other's ticket can include confidential information (salary for example). This could be centrally managed : like in this feature request, say that this user is allowed to see this and that other user tickets, but this can also be managed like I've ssen in Jira : Each ticket can have a visibility. When creating it, there's a default visibility, but the user can change that visibility at that time : 1) only the creator,can view 2) the whole company can view 3) everyone on the helpdesk from any company can view
We have a similar request. We give portal access to one organization, which includes two departments in that organization (say team 1 & 2). They have requested that Team 1 wants to be able to view all tickets they raise, so in effect all be set as managers. But team 2 due to the nature of the tickets they raise does not want team 1 to be able to view their tickets. I was hoping that setting 'Organization hierarchy' and adding team 1 as a child organization child might allow me to control that but it does not. The function to then set permissions just for that child organization would help resolve that.

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