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Mass Action Add "Problem","Note", and "Merge" Collecting Feedback

Would be great if we could do the following using mass actions - Assign Problem to selected tickets - Add note to selected tickets (instead of mass reply) - Merge selected tickets into single ticket

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Chris Booth
Having needed to merge 15 tickets this morning, being able to group merge them in one operation would have saved a fair bit of clicking
Ian Wilson
When selecting tickets for mass action it would be useful to be able to apply "problem" from a pre-existing problem (Problems & Incidents feature) to all selected tickets
Add a "mass action" for merge the tickets
Lu Parente

When applying actions to mass selections in Deskpro, we currently have a the ability to add a 'Mass Reply' but not a 'Mass Note'. Adding the ability to add a 'Mass Note' would be very helpful when needing to apply the same note to each of the selected tickets. Thanks, Lu 

Ben Brown
I'm very surprised this isn't already a feature for a helpdesk system used around the world!
It would also be great if there was the option to BCC on a Mass Action reply.

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