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Give Users Service (Support) Credits to use as part of their support contract - Remarques / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Give Users Service (Support) Credits to use as part of their support contract Collecting Feedback

Add the capability for a support organization to allocate service or support credits a user can use to optionally select the priority or response time for a request (ticket). The idea here is to allow the user to set the priority and pay a tariff accordingly. As part of this capability, and allow for the system to allocate a default number of credits based upon perhaps the membership level or service level agreement. Maintain a bank for the number of current service credits, link the use of service credits to, and deduct credits from the bank should the user choose a priority that has associated credits. The credit system may require a payment gateway, allowing for users to buy credits using credit cards. This capability would support a self funding support service. As an example, the priority system could be augmented with priority levels offering a response such as 1-hour: 250 credits, 4-hour 150 credits, and so on. Other priority levels would have no credits associated with them at all, maintaining the current product capabilities. A user could be associated with a priority scale that includes service credits. The user may even be offered a priority system with or without credits when registering. So, as a user I have the option to buy into the credit system and use them to request priority support, and by doing so pay as I go for support, or use the system as it is today. If you need more information in the form of the detailed specification on how this works please contact me by email. I believe it would be a distinct differentiator for Deskpro.

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Ruth Cheesley
Just adding my voice to this. We would love to see this, perhaps with 1 credit = 1 minute of support time for example. The way I'd envision it working is that a company (and/or user) would have x number of credits available per time period. Could be manually assigned as a starter. The support agents log time against the company/user via tickets/chat, and when the support credits are nearly empty a message is posted to the user informing them (and an alert for the agents). Ruth

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