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Agent permissions for Snippets - Remarques / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Agent permissions for Snippets Finished

We would like to use a system in which not all agents are able to create and update snippets for general use. (The idea is that it will be easier to control information, format and style by assigning this task to a subset of agents.) It would be nice if this could be enforced via the permissions system. The ideal situation would be if there were separate permissions to Create/Edit/Remove snippets for everyone. (Restricting the ability to create snippets for personal use seems less useful, but could be added as well.)

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Colin Dunn
Appreciate your contribution to the DeskPRO feedback . This was put into an official feature request, and we are glad to be releasing improved snippet permissions functionality in DeskPRO V5.8.1: Many thanks for everyone's participation! - DeskPRO Team