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What cookies does Deskpro use?

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Deskpro will set a number of cookies for the Agents and End-Users of the helpdesk. These cookies are used to make the experience better and in some cases are essential to allow the proper function of the software.

The table below describes the cookies that are set and what they are used for.




Applies To


These are session identifiers for each of the three major interfaces in Deskpro. A session ID is used to help store various states connected with your current browser session.

For example, if you log in, then the session ID is used to store the fact that you're logged in. Without sessions, there'd be no way for Deskpro to save any state as you browse around the helpdesk.

Essential / Session

Users, Agents


If you clicked "Remember Me" on the login form, then a special token is saved in this cookie.

When you come back to the site later in a different session, this token is used to automatically log you in so you don't need to log in again.

Optional / Multi-session

Users, Agents


This is the language you have selected on the Deskpro Help Center. This is used to make the experience better on multi-lingual helpdesks.

Essential / Session



This is a special security token that gets sent with any posted forms on the Help Center. This token ensures a malicious attacker can't impersonate your session or trick you into submitting forms that you didn't know about.

Essential / Session



This is a visitor token. This helps connect a single visitor through multiple sessions for things like votes on articles, comments, chats, and page views. For example, if someone starts a chat as a guest and then comes back the next week, we use this visitor token to look up their chat history to show them.

Optional / Multi-session

Users, Agents



These are used by the Messenger widget to optimize the loader, to allow the Messenger widget to load faster after the first time it was loaded.



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