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Article Ordering - انتقادات و پیشنهادات / Feature Request - Deskpro Support

Articles can only be ordered by date created or number of views. When unable to find something via a search, it would be nice to order by a few other fields such as subject and/or created by to name a couple.

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Peter Jackson
I don't know if it falls under this suggestion or not but we really need to be able to manually sort the lists of articles in the knowledgebase.
Mario Zorica
We have the same requirement, just as Peter mentioned, we would like to have certain article(s) always on top.
Chris McWilliams
It would be nice to have the option to sort articles alphabetically.
Olly Barrett
We would really appreciate the ability to set a custom order on FAQs.
We would love the ability to custom order the article
Jeroen van der Steen
Good suggestion! The ability to choose a custom display order for the articles within a category would be very valuable to order articles on their expected relevance (and to "bury" more obscure articles). Alternatively, an alphabetical ordering would work (article titles could be prefixed with a number to fake custom sorting).
Kellie Patzer
This feature is critical to create easy-to-follow process flow for our customer. Random articles with no structure does NOT help us create the SELF HELP/SELF SERVE environment we are seeking.

This feature should be MOVED CLOSER TO TOP of your dev list.


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