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ago 11 2014

New Feature: Mobile Text Alerts

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Your helpdesk is often the front line when it comes to detecting a serious outage or keeping a vital customer. Unfortunately, problems don't always happen when you're in the office.

DeskPRO already has a sophisticated notification system which can keep you up to date via email or our smartphone app. Now we've added the ability for your helpdesk to reach you by SMS text message, so you can receive alerts even when you have a one-bar signal and hotel Wi-Fi.

You decide exactly who gets which alert and when; sending SMS is configured with DeskPRO's powerful automation system.

You can send an SMS as an action from a trigger, escalation or SLA, so you have the flexibility to make sure you only get woken up when it's really important.

To add this new feature we leveraged DeskPRO's powerful apps framework: just install the app for your SMS provider to get started. (There's full details of how to set up SMS in the agent manual).

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