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Transfer article comment to ticket queue - Comentarios / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Transfer article comment to ticket queue Finished

When a comment is left on the article/download board, you have no other option but to reply to the user. First of, the signature doesn't load correctly, and it doesn't behave like normal. Second off, you have to reply at once, instead of just transfering the comment to the ticket queue, and thereby have the staff at hand reply. Maybe with a possible trigger to send the customer a "new ticket created" e-mail.

Respuesta oficial

Lara Proud

Hi Kenneth, when someone leaves a comment on your Help Center content, you can now create a ticket from this comment by going to the Agent interface > Help Center and looking at the Comments workflow. Once you are looking at the submitted comments, if you hover over a comment and select the "Ticket" icon this will create a ticket from the comment letting your agents start a conversation with the person who submitted the comment.