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Embedded Widget - Context Sensitive Help Report

It would be great if the embedded chat widget could provide recommended help content based on the current page the user is on. For example:

- User visits a hotel booking site and logs in to book a room
- User navigates to the basket page and needs help with removing an item from their basket. They click the Deskpro embedded chat widget in the bottom right
- Deskpro widget recommends the page of a guide or KB article about the basket page where the user finds how to remove the item.
- The user finds what they need instantly and the helpdesk agents don't get an easily solvable ticket = double win!

That is a very basic example, but I think there are lots of places this could be used. Maybe guide pages and KB articles have another field for pages that they relate to. When the Deskpro chat widget is clicked, it checks to see if the current page the user is on has any related KB articles or guide pages and recommends them.

I think this would really enhance the user experience and cut down on the number of tickets received that have have questions that are already answered in the KB or a guide.

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