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Change the order of FAQ's Finished

I seem to be able to change the order of all cats but not articles. Can you add a method to change the order KB's are displayed?

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Lara Proud

Thank you for the suggestion, we have implemented drag and drop reordering for Knowledgebase Articles which allow you to sort the order in which they display on your Help Center. Additionally, you can "pin" articles on your Help Center by using the "Featured Articles" option. This is set in the Help Center Design menu. You will need the IDs of the articles you want to highlight, then go to Admin > Help Center > Help Center Design, then on the menu there will be a box where you can input the IDs for the articles you want featured on your Help Center. Adding articles to this will place them at the top of the Knowledgebase block on your Help Center.

Comentarios (6)

Marcus Bell
Yes this is very important for us. We have many documents that we need to control the ordering of.
Kellie Patzer
I'll add my wishes to this one as well. We really need to be able to have ordering ability with our Articles. Plus I've been hearing my colleagues want to "pin" key articles to the top - then "unpin" when that topic/need is over. Thanks Everyone! KP
Grant Gilron
Not being able to explicitly sort our Knowledgebase articles is confusing for our customers. We would really like to see some movement on this request.
Mel Roth
Similar to Jason, we would like to be able to order Knowledge base articles by post date, most recent first.
Marion Abramo
Do you know if seeing Status in the user portal is an existing feature request in the DP Community?
Koen Glotzbach