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Nov 6 2014

NEW Single Sign-On (SSO) Helpdesk Authentication

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You want to spend your time on customer service, not on managing passwords for your helpdesk. That's why DeskPRO provides authentication apps so your agents and users can log in with their details from other systems with our new Single Sign-On (SSO) helpdesk features.

Now we've greatly expanded your options for managing authentication.



Identity management services

You can now use the OneLogin and Okta services to manage account credentials for DeskPRO (along with thousands of other web apps).

We also support the widely-adopted SAML standard, which means you can use many other identity management solutions. 


SSO your way

We've added true, automatic Single Sign-On (SSO) helpdesk support. Your agents and users can log in once, on a third-party service or your intranet, and then be signed in automatically as soon as they reach your helpdesk.

Or if you prefer, you can have them confirm the service they want to use to log in:



Roll your own SSO Helpdesk with JWT

What if you need to integrate DeskPRO login with your own custom web service? For example, you might want your users to have a single, seamless login for your website and your DeskPRO portal.

Your developers can now implement that easily using the simple JSON Web Token (JWT) standard. We've got documentation and full example code explaining exactly what they'll need to do, and whatever web development language you use, there's probably already a JWT library.



For full details of managing authentication in DeskPRO, see the updated Authentication and SSO chapter in the admin manual.

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