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Renaming and dating Problems after creation - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Renaming and dating Problems after creation Collecting Feedback

Problems and Incidents are a nice feature, but the way they have to be administrated is a bit cumbersome. For example if I made a typo in the description, there is not way to correct it, but to create a new incident and reassign all other tickets. Also the "closed problems" dropdown is so tiny, that is is barley usable on an iMac 5k monitor.
It would be more consistent if there was a cog wheel symbol, where admins or agents with enough rights could manage problems.

Since problems are normally events that occur at a certain point in time, it should be possible to note the datetime in a separate field when creating the problem and sort the dropdown list by this date. since the same kind of problem could occure on multiple dates where the causes could be completely different. I could do this by just prefixing the name with the date, but that doesn't look nice as seen in the attached screenshot.

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