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Next reply time on an SLA - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


It would be useful if there was a next reply time SLA.

Currently the timing on the SLA types all run from when a ticket enters the system.

It would be helpful though if you could , for example, set a first reply time of 1 hour and then a next reply time of 6 hours.

So when a ticket is created the agent has an hour to send the initial response.

If the user then responds the agent has six hours to send his next response.

If the user then responds again the timer is reset so the agent has another six hours to send that response and so on.

Comments (3)

Ben Gooch
We would like 'Next reply time' to be added as an SLA option. Currently there are the resolution SLA types and the first reply time. However we would like to be able to use SLAs to ensure that replies other than the the first reply are sent in a timely manner after the customer's response. 
Prashant Maheshwari
We are in B2B and need to be able to address to customer email in 6 hours, we may or maynot resolve the issues since queries can take up to 2-3 months to finalize. SLA based on last reply by agent is requested
Zachery Woods
Also hoping to see this sooner rather than later!

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