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Include Full Date Instead of "x days ago" on tickets - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Include Full Date Instead of "x days ago" on tickets Collecting Feedback

Us techies prefer as much data as possible at our finger tips to save precious time. I'm imagining a way to display absolute dates in DeskPro. Example: 05/15/17 12:12pm vs “x Days ago”. Although "x days ago" may be useful in some circumstances, floating over “x days ago” is less than ideal. It doesn't provide the critical information needed at a quick glance. An idea might be an absolute date, but shows “x days ago” in parenthesis. This would provide all of necessary info without the need to float over each date object. Here’s what I’m imagining… ex: Tue, 11th May 2017 4:41pm (2D ago).

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Fully agree! This would make things so much easier for us. At the moment, we're getting around this by using reports that has the actual Date field in it but that's clunky.
Steve Hersker
This would be great! We often look to see when something happened or someone replied/etc. It's cumbersome to try to count back the relative time to see "did that happen on Tuesday?" etc. It would be great if this could be a per-agent preference - absolute date vs relative date.

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