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Feedback post v5 to v6 upgrade - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Feedback post v5 to v6 upgrade Report

- Color options on the helpdesk view would be nice.
- Automatic ticket locking, resolved tickets leaving view, closing open tickets, and getting new tickets noticeably slower than version 5. (Slow refreshing)
- There's a labelled ticket view but no labels displaying, and using the change option to remove all labels still leaves tickets in the queue.
- Selecting multiple tickets no longer has the option for macro, only changing ticket values.
- Selecting the macro option on an individual ticket shows "Error - Internal server error"
- Unable to rearrange columns
- There doesn't seem to be a way to collapse the email box back down once clicked into.
- Awaiting user list has a broken UI
- Would love to have the option to change or add the short links near the 'Send as' button in a ticket response.
- No shift-click interaction to select multiple tickets.

Resolved but had issues with:
- No way to collapse the user panel on the right.
- Awaiting User queue randomly stopped showing up.
- Refresh button on collapsed view but not on expanding view.

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