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Emphasize Ticket Categories/Types - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Emphasize Ticket Categories/Types Collecting Feedback

Currently tickets categories are just an optional field. We have had good experiences with Issue Types in JIRA, so we would like to see a better utilization of categories or ticket types in DeskPRO too.

1) Entries in the Category field need to be limited to certain departments. For example Sales should only be able to select Category A and B, while Support can only select B, C and D
2) Some entries should only be settable programmatically via the API or Admins
3) Based on a category, only certain other fields should be visible in the ticket forms. for example tickets with the categry "Defect" should show a field "Severity" while tickets with another category should not.
4) Categories should have a SVG or PNG icon, that can be customized. The icon should be shown in all ticket lists and detail views attrhe beginning of the line, or as a separate column, so it is easy to distinguish tickets in lists and not have endless lines of text.

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