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Add Problems & Incidents as triggers - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Add Problems & Incidents as triggers Under Review

It would be nice if

1) creating a new problem
2) adding a problem to a ticket
3) removing a problem from a ticket
4) changing the problem of a ticket
5) Closing a problem
6) Number of tickets assigned to a problem
7) Problem Name "contains/regex/..."

are added as trigger criterias.

This way it could be automated, that whenever a ticket is added to a problem, the customer gets an auto response email, that the issue is known and we are working on it.

Comments (3)

Eric VanTol
Being able to do this in mass actions would be great, too.
Colin Dunn
This would be a good improvement to the software, I have put this into the queue for development and improvements to improve triggers/escalations around incidents to integrate these better, and allow mass action control.
Jeremy Cunningham
With out the ability to add problems via an email trigger this feature is lackluster. Agents have to add the problem manually and may forget. Maybe in the meantime can you guys add the ability to add problems via a macro? Then we could run an email trigger that can run said macro.

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