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Add a 'Summary' message type for tickets Collecting Feedback

I would love to have a different message type available in tickets that one could post a 'Summary' of the issue, similar to an Agent Note, which could either be private or viewable by the user. Doing so would allow agents to post a problem summary and the resolution in the ticket prior to closure and could also be filtered within the ticket log for easy retrieval in tickets with long histories. Putting this info in a custom field isn't always going to work out because sometimes formatting and/or attachments/images may be needed to include in the summary.

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Colin Dunn
I currently use a multi-line text box custom field for the summary of tickets, but it is a valid point that you cannot record images and formatting in that custom field type. This would almost be like a pinned/sticky note at the top of the ticket.
Eric VanTol
Right, but not necessarily. We would also use this in an instance where a ticket is long with lots of updates and our agents could post a summary of what was completed prior to turning the ticket over to someone else or another department.
Colin Dunn
I am interested in what could be built here, you have said it wouldn't necessarily be pinned or as a sticky at the top of the ticket. What ideas do you have to what would be the difference between a summary and a note here?
Eric VanTol
Thinking a bit more about this, I suppose it could always be stickied to the top of the ticket. If implemented like this it would definitely need to have its own permissions setting to allow people to edit it. My thoughts would be that it would also have its own 'type' in the ticket log and perhaps even be colored differently to differentiate itself from the rest of the messages. Finally, it would be nice, though not required, to be able to have a 'Resolve with Summary' just to save some extra clicks.
Zsolt Kiss
I would make difference between the sticky note / and summary type notes. The presence of the summary type notes might by obligatory in order to set a ticket to resolved. The sticky type note possibility (always pinned on the top of the thread) would be also fine for us.
Jamel Lattimore
Any update to this

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