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It would be great if there was a way to set up different, reusable checklists (similar to snippets) that can be inserted into a ticket depending on it's category. It should also be able to set reminders for certain items on the list. For example, when we have a new user, we have a list of tasks to complete including giving them a week to complete security training. Being able to set a reminder after a week in Deskpro for this would be very useful. There are also other things like terminations, computer setups, and loaner equipment that could use a checklist.
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Ruth Cheesley
This would also be really handy if there are certain customer service tasks that need to be carried out for certain types of tickets - to be able to raise specific tasks if it was assigned to the ticket.
Eric VanTol
The way we do this today is through a different department, but it would certainly be nice if we could take advantage of the Task feature for something like this. As it is, tasks are very limited, given that they don't prevent ticket closure or pop up reminders.

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