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Add "Remove all CCs" and "Remove all Followers" in ticket triggers - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Add "Remove all CCs" and "Remove all Followers" in ticket triggers Collecting Feedback

We have come across several situations where there is a need to remove all existing CCs and followers on a ticket using system triggers.

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Please add this ability i have received an email with 100 users in CC and want to reply on Same email must remove one by one , if you implant this ability on Macro (Remove All CC) will be SO great
My organization has several users who email a ticket in with CCs attached, and in certain cases this can cause issues for us. It would be amazing to see New Ticket and New Reply triggers support removal of all CCs on a ticket. Another option for this would be supporting wildcard values in the existing "remove email address" function.
Matthew Baines
A further extension would be to link this to the new CC feature, so if a user removes X people from CC it would be nice to be able to replicate with one click rather than having to remove all the CC addresses individually.

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