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Ability to edit published knowledgebase articles, but keep edits as draft - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ability to edit published knowledgebase articles, but keep edits as draft Collecting Feedback

We need the ability to edit published knowledgebase articles, and have the edits as draft until we choose to release them. This is essential in order to use the kb effectively for a software product, so that we can update the kb for a new software release, then publish the updates when the new version of the product goes live. Without this feature, our only option is to prepare the updates outside of deskpro, then update the kb as quickly as possible after the release.

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Ruby Urwin
When we have an update to our software I have to do a huge bulk update of all the articles in a very short period of time. It would be easier to be able to make the changes and set them to be released on a certain date, or even just when I click the button.


at the moment, if you want knowledgebase articles only visible for agents, than you have to use this solutions:

Sorry but I don't like this solutions:

1. Unpublished means, that the article is not ready and not ok.

2. For the usergroup-solution I need to create a new category in every category where I have agent-only articles. This is additional work, and creates a huge overhead.

I know it's a personal thing, but do you think you could talk about this to your developers?

Reason: The knowledgebase is like a book (a folder structure). Of course I need to control which user can see which categories, but the article needs to stay where it belongs to, and not in another sub-categorie, so I would also need to set the permission (like in the categories) for an article.



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