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We have enhanced the design of our Header Bar and Tabs - Neuigkeiten / Product / Product (Agent) - Deskpro Support

Okt. 4 2022

We have enhanced the design of our Header Bar and Tabs


We have redesigned several aspects of our Header Bar and Tabs UI based on your feedback to increase visibility and make navigating different tabs and views more intuitive.

One of the key changes we have made was increasing the contrast between the Header Bar and the Ticket Tabs to enhance visibility. The background has been updated to provide a clearer view of the tabs and make it easier for Agents to find and navigate items in the Header.

Another change we have made in the Header Bar is updating the design and placement of various buttons and tools. Firstly, we have updated the display of the buttons that let you change the viewing mode of the interface. Currently, you can change views between Card and Table views by using these icons:

In this update, we have repositioned these buttons and added animation to make it smoother and easier to move between views. This UI update has also freed up more space, helped make the interface more instinctive, and added scope for more views down the line. In the coming months, we will be expanding our UI further and adding views with Kanban view, a dynamic project view, and Calendar View, a time-based view.

Alongside these changes, we have also updated our ‘Return to List’ button.


This update has reduced the size of the button so it fits into the Header Bar beside the Tabs to make the interface cleaner and easier to navigate. To return to your previous list, you simply click the List icon on the left, or to view your queue as a dropdown, click on the arrow and you can scroll through tickets in the queue over your currently open ticket.


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