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We are launching the Beta version of our Kanban View - Neuigkeiten / Product / Product (Agent) - Deskpro Support

Nov. 28 2022

We are launching the Beta version of our Kanban View


We are rolling out the beta version of our Kanban View, an agile work management tool that helps you group tickets in a visual workflow that aids the work process and boosts efficiency.

Kanban View.pngSwitch to this new view by clicking on the Kanban icon, which will now display next to the other interface viewing modes:

Icons.pngThe beta version lets you view your ticket queues in Kanban View and group them by your choice of criteria, such as:

  • Agent

  • Agent Team

  • Brand

  • Created

  • Last Reply

  • Last Agent Reply

  • Last User Reply

  • Department

  • Resolved

  • and more...

You can also Mass Action tickets when in the Kanban View. This is done by selecting the checkbox that appears when hovering over the card or selecting the checkbox at the top of the column.

Using the View option, you can add fields to be visible on the cards, such as labels or your custom fields. If the cards feel too busy when you have enabled fields in the view, you can change the size of the cards to small, medium, or large. To give you as much visibility and detail as you require.

We are continuing to improve on this version of our Kanban view and adding functionality to the feature in the coming weeks, including the ability to drag and drop cards into other columns.

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