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Let us know what you think of prospective Deskpro features - Neuigkeiten / Product / Product (Agent) - Deskpro Support

Nov. 15 2022

Let us know what you think of prospective Deskpro features


Our new Feedback App lets you shape the future of your helpdesk. We built this feature so you can give direct feedback on prospective Deskpro features or UI changes, which will be uploaded to the app, so you can submit your opinion straight from the helpdesk.

Feedback App.pngWe added this app so you can give your opinion about our development’s direction. We want our product changes to be as beneficial for you as possible; so they positively impact how you use Deskpro.

From the app, you will see a preview of a potential new feature or UI update. The post will summarize how it will work and why we think it’s worth creating. You can interact directly from the window by clicking on the Provide Feedback button under each post.

Questions.pngFrom here, you can share your opinion about the idea and let us know if you think it will be helpful or how we could adapt it to make it even better. Providing us with information to help iterate our features to reach the most functional outcome for everyone.

You can also choose if you want your feedback to be publically available as a comment on our Design Feedback Community Forum by ticking the checkbox permitting your comments to be posted:

Permission.pngWhichever you choose, you will be providing us with helpful information that will help us to shape our software.

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