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apr. 16 2020

Deskpro 2020.1 Release


We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2020.1. This includes a mixture of general improvements and bug fixes.


  • CH-8554  Add permission to control whether agents can see user email addresses in the agent interface
  • CH-11708  Improve validation of batch requests in API V2
  • CH-10332  Add ability to set a ticket to unassigned through V2 API
  • CH-11495  Enable SSL database connections
  • CH-10836  Importer Improvement: Match Kayako Ticket Type to Categories
  • CH-8675  Add optional assignment setting for Chat Round Robin routing
  • CH-6153  Improvements to HTML parsing in emails
  • CH-9776  Improvements to HTML parsing in emails
  • CH-11002  Improve handling of network issues for Voice

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-7712  Chat ratings can't be retrieved via the API
  • CH-9634  If a ticket is updated via the API, the ticket creation system is changed to 'web.api'
  • CH-11134  Fix the 'Keep Assignment' ticket reply behaviour
  • CH-11493  Pusher is not set up properly when Deskpro is in a subdirectory
  • CH-5787  Custom fields freeze if a required field is missed in agent interface
  • CH-11641  Filtering tickets by a text custom field doesn't work if it's a numeric value
  • CH-11415  Fix error "Call to a member function getAuthservId() on null"
  • CH-11040  (Limit domains) User is able to login to portal using an invalid domain if a password reset email is sent from the helpdesk
  • CH-11057  Fix the URL being used in the embed widget code
  • CH-11419  Force using php_code from config.settings.php in DB usersource
  • CH-9227  File upload ticket fields aren't displayed correctly on the contact form in IE 11
  • CH-6625  Task not being created when date and time are set
  • CH-10756  Limit scan in SubjectMatchDetector
  • CH-9828  Increase timeout for dp:elastic:config command
  • CH-6474  The timestamp for Chat on the portal isn't displaying correctly
  • CH-9971  Field visibility in a form layout is being affected by settings for other department form layouts
  • CH-10111  Set default value of "Built in field" Category is not displaying on "Contact Us" form (Portal side)
  • CH-2935  Portal editor loading issues when impersonating a user
  • CH-10665  Logout doesn't work for unsecure connections
  • CH-10492  Fix error: Argument 1 passed to DeskPRO\Component\Util\Audio\Wav\IO::saveAudioToMemory() must be an instance of DeskPRO\Component\Util\Audio\Wav\AudioFile, null given
  • CH-10377  Cannot create tickets on Android: Exception: 0 Child "person" does not exist
  • CH-7714  When Timezone is set at EST date shown in reports will be off by one day
  • CH-10122  CSV user importer removes characters that use an umlaut
  • CH-9075  Snippet does not apply Agent Name when Used in Macro
  • CH-10658  Some agents receiving Error 500 when accessing the agent interface
  • CH-10498  Some Voice recordings get stuck in 'Processing' state within the ticket

16th April 2020 - 2020.1.1

  • CH-11850  Creating a new snippet led to agent name being removed from their profile

23rd April 2020 - 2020.1.2

  • CH-12180 - Profile page loads blank when a user has validation errors

19th May 2020 - 2020.1.3


  • CH-13392  -  Make sure all other forwarding calls are declined if one of the forwarding calls is answered
  • CH-13096  -  Kayako date_resolved mapping correctly
  • CH-13098  -  If an agent was disabled, the name is displayed as 'Unknown {id}' if trying to group a ticket list by 'agent'
  • CH-11775  -  Set max limit for mass actions
  • CH-12032  -  Disable lock from email Runner
  • CH-13036  -  Kayako attachment migration script

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-13475  -  Upload with a file too large does not show the limit and suffix
  • CH-11009  -  Incorrect color of "Login" button is displaying   on "User Portal Screen" (IE-11)
  • CH-11047  -  "Choose files" field is displaying broken on "Contact Us" form (IE-11)
  • CH-12262  -  Escalation removing attachments issue
  • CH-6706   -   If the Approval template allows agents to choose from 'All Agents', some agents aren't accessible in the drop-down list.
  • CH-11497  -  Exception: 0 Error parsing DPQL statement at line 1 (got SELECT)
  • CH-12616  -  Token Leakage via Referer
  • CH-11096  -  (Limit domains) Prevent links to the portal being included in emails sent to users with a non-whitelisted email domain
  • CH-11877  -  Replies aren't being matched via Subject Matching as expected
  • CH-12093  -  Image links don't get updated when running Kayako import
  • CH-11960  -  Display news posts from 'Release Announcements' category in Admin Dashboard news feed
  • CH-12055  - Ticket reply button issues with "Pending" status
  • CH-10277  -  Agent names don't show in Top Agents widget in Built-in Dashboard
  • CH-10014  -  'Value' Variable does not work
  • CH-12246  -  Duplicate attachments in agent emails
  • CH-12502  -  Ticket search fix
  • CH-9636  -   Expose table organization2usergroups to DPQL
  • CH-13089  -  Error: Trying to access array offset on value of type null
  • CH-13056  -  Fix pagination in /api/v2/tickets
  • CH-13144  -  Guide server error when creating a subtopic

16th June 2020 - 2020.1.4

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-4232 - Replies to tickets forwarded out of the helpdesk now create a new ticket.
  • CH-10330 - Attached files are now being sent when forwarding as a new linked ticket.
  • CH-13310 - Smart Fields now retrieve date from CRM Organizations.
  • CH-13561 - Tasks no longer fail to create if the time the task is due is set.
  • CH-13772 - Emails sent to multiple department emails create separate tickets per department.
  • CH-14455 - When the 'Limit registration and login' portal setting is enabled, the 'Set Password' CRM function is now hidden for Users with a non-whitelisted email domain.
  • CH-14038 - Community browser notifications are now working and no longer cause a 500 error when adding a new Comunity topic via the portal.
  • CH-13841 - Prevent exceptions from being listed in the error logs when an invalid route is attempted to be used when customizing portal templates. 
  • CH-13449 - Force the date_ended property to be set after a Voice call ends.
  • CH-14348 - Blobs no longer process infinitely if missing 'storage_loc'.
  • CH-13727 - Ignore agent timezone offset when using /api/v2/tasks.
  • CH-14395 - Ensure the correct agent/user context is used for the first message when creating a new ticket via the API.
  • CH-13375 - User Chat attachments and satisfaction ratings added to APIv2.
  • CH-13498 - <p> tags are no longer replaced by <div> in ticket messages created through the legacy API.
  • CH-13499 - Ensure the TicketDeleted record is set when deleting tickets through /api/v2/mass_action/tickets.
  • CH-13691 - Ensure the TicketDeleted reason does not disappear from deleted tickets.
  • CH-8468 - "Exception: 0 Unknown reply action_no reply" error fixed.
  • CH-14032 - "Call to a member function getEmailAddresses() on null" error fixed.
  • CH-13825 - Registration rate limit now applies to 'resend' email validation.
  • CH-11548 - Added validation to check for missing 'id' field value when testing JWT.
  • CH-14526 - Fix cases of temporary blobs not being cleaned up, or some blobs not being unset as temporary and being cleaned up erroneously.
  • CH-14609 - Invalidate all password reset tokens after a password reset.
  • CH-14655 - Prevent submitting new ticket form if a pasted image is being uploaded in the background.

16th June 2020 - 2020.1.5

  • This minor update included fixes for internal error notices.

15th July 2020 - 2020.1.6

  • CH-15483 - API issue causing iOS app to crash

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