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Deskpro 2019.2 Release - Nyhed / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

jan. 29 2019

Deskpro 2019.2 Release


We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2019.2. This contains a new feature and many more improvements to your helpdesk.

DP-2893 Add custom fields to KB articles - You can now add custom fields to Knowledgebase articles which allows you to add more helpful information within your articles to assist readers. 


  • DP-2952 New ticket from web should accept tickets from guests without logging in.
  • DP-2892 ID/Ref based search for user portal.
  • DP-2925 Add Person:"isMemberOfBrand".  Similar to "isMemberOfUsergroup" but for brands. 
  • DP-2969 Support Kayako Classic V3.70.02 in Kayako importer.
  • DP-2689 Add labels for screenreaders in next/prev buttons.

Reports v2 Improvements

  • DP-2811 List  the reports a stat is used in. Easily view which reports a specific stat displays within. 
  • DP-2809 Add a delete confirmation message before permanently deleting a stat in the stat builder.
  • DP-2805 Add example widget override options. 
  • DP-2808 URLs/Routing added for stats, reports and dashboards. You can now link directly to different stats and reports.

Defects Fixed

  • DP-2333 SAML 'Test' setting doesn't work for G Suite.
  • DP-2945 SAML Gsuite SP initiated login issues.
  • DP-2951 Agents with 'Non-destructive' permissions can still delete tickets on mobile apps .
  • DP-2972 Cloud customer issue - Not all brands are appearing in the new ticket form options.
  • DP-2712 Ticket created from DeskproA -> DeskproB works; Reply from DeskproB back -> DeskproA causes new ticket instead of reply.
  • DP-2855 Incorrect duplication in On-Prem customers Sitemap URL.
  • DP-2955 Calendar widget broken in follow ups tool.
  • DP-1795 Exporting banned email gives error "forbidden", "error_message".
  • DP-2960 Prevent issues in topics related to numeric slugs.
  • DP-2922 Deskpro is appending '?dl=1' to the download URL when hotlinking files stored on FileRun server, but the file is not successfully downloaded.
  • DP-2932 Agents should be able to uncheck a toggle field in the ticket properties and save the change.
  • DP-2874 Fix typo in the 'My Tickets - Property Change' agent notification tool tip.
  • DP-2947 Fix typo in the Portal Editor.
  • DP-2916 V2 API: Sort direction is not passed to the SQL query when sorting by the “date_last_reply".
  • DP-2940 Fix API v2 versioning.
  • DP-2938 Multiple lang redirect for en-GB language on portal.
  • DP-2950 Fix lang redirect if helpdesk is installed in sub dir.
  • DP-2943 Cannot change portal language back to EN.
  • DP-2945 SAML Gsuite SP initiated login issues  - Fixed this error relating to chat queues.
  • DP-2908 Chat queue fixes
  • DP-2930 Validate selected agents in user chat queue. We now prevent the ability to create an empty chat queue.
  • DP-1286 Some email templates were missing the email subject and details fields in the Admin interface.
  • DP-2946 Refactor email logger to avoid use of EM. This fixes an error which has been occurring "Error: 'DeskPRO\Bundle\AppBundle\Entity\TicketFollowUp#ticket' that was not configured to cascade persist operations for entity...".
  • DP-2949 Exception: 0 Semaphore extension (sysvsem) is required.
  • DP-2962 Error: usort() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given.

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