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فبراير 27 2013

DeskPRO Build #239 Released

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We are pleased to announce a new release of the DeskPRO helpdesk platform, build #239.

The following is an automatically generated list of changes in this release:

  • Fix updates from get_messages not using correct person context
  • Tab for full visitor details
  • Improvements to visitor tracking - Can connect to an authenticated person if they have an active session - Better reloading/display of active users for agents
  • Fix not showing blank chat section instead of login form if login required
  • Few fixes to visitor code
  • Fix not accepting uploads from chat when portal offline
  • Fix date range on agent hours not setting
  • Put replybox at bottom of screen when larger than list
  • Fix hover color of tabs in IE
  • Fix instant-updating not checking department IDs for permissions, so you could get tickets added into the list you are viewing but unable to actually read them
  • Fix validating requests that arent changing fields
  • Settings to require selections for ticket category, product, workflow and priority
  • Fix 'create ticket' from profile tab showing empty user
  • Fix disabled fields being hidden from view in admin on people/org views (tickets is a separate view that was okay)
  • Fix memory usage with custom fields Main problem here is sharing a $field_group when the form itself is not a real form used on a single form. That is, when a field is created for the sole purpose of rendering the field in multiple places. We'd end up with each field being added to a shared form, then the formView being created over and over again, and each time creating new views with more and more fields.
  • Fix a few calls to bad vars with updated visitor schema
  • Fix text description for agent field validation option
  • Fix counts potentially coming out of sync
  • Fix weirdness with ticket list display options
  • Better display of license error/demo expired in overlay popup
  • Stop logging bad method request errors
  • Fix <?xml tags preceding some HTML email messages when cut
  • Use ConsoleOutputWriter with cron.php verbose switch
  • Add a plaintext email cut pattern
  • Add method to visitor to get last IP address
  • More around visitor tracking - Added geo using GeoIP ext - Show online users in agent header by chat icon
  • Added autoreply subject pattern
  • Visitor tracking
  • Fix missing log from "reprocess email source" page
  • Dont check for ref regex match when trying a to load a ticket via ref, the format might've been changed
  • Don't use UID for dupe checking in ticket gateway. UIDs are supposed to be guaranteed unique across specific POP3 servers, and this code was properly only checking the specific account. But there is potentially cases where POP3 servers are moved transparently (e.g., new server but exact same credentials so no new gateway is created in DeskPRO), or the server was reset, the server doesn't implement the spec fully, etc. In these sorts of cases we could end up with UID's being the same, and then false positives. So better to just not use UID here and rely on the usual dupe detection using hashes.
  • Fix bad casting in log message to int
  • Handle case where tmpdir isnt writable for swiftmailer cache, try to use system tmp dir
  • Fix bug with searching usersources for unregistered email on newticket
  • Fix a few dupe fields listed in criteria, fix restoring pre-selected multiple-choice options when editing a trigger
  • Hide chat online status when agent has no chat perms
  • Fix DeskPRO lang not being used on chat widget in the portal - Fix case where chat widget button phrase is very long, the button would go off-screen
  • Fix hard-coded "Sort" phrase
  • - Add permission for browsing people/orgs - Wrap search options in perm checks so forms for tickets/people/feedback etc dont show if not allowed to use those sections
  • Correct widths of select2
  • Fix warning about undefined $q when in newticket searching on an email who isnt registered yet
  • Fix linked departments not showing as linked in template, fix department select being too small
  • Fix TreeProxy not handling children_ordered access
  • Fix custom phrases in lang being overriden by custom phrases in English
  • With two-level select, if you fail to select a sub-option you get around the "required" validation requirement
  • Move 'is manager' icon on org view so it doesn't disappear on long names (or if zoomed in etc)
  • Fix custom agent/admin phrases not being loaded when called from the CLI/Cron
  • Fix error to do with removing twitter account from user profile
  • Suppress warnings on stream_select which can throw under Windows sometimes. Phirehouse still seems to work regardless. - https://groups.google.com/d/topic/phirehose-users/ZcyF7Mo7HAA/discussion - https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=54563 - https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=49948
  • Changes around chat transcripts: - Allow chat transcripts to be viewed online from user interface - Send chat transcripts on cron so messages can be appended after user leaves (e.g., timeout) - Add a line to the chatlog about when transcripts are sent and to whom
  • Tweaks around accepting image drops on redactor in chat
  • Handle redactor auto-height in chat
  • Add redactor to agent side chat
  • Enable a faster poll when a user chat is open
  • Add option for default 'send user notifications' option on reply with other default options in Admin > Tickets > Settings
  • More descriptive subject for 'ticket updated' emails when the status changed
  • Custom chat fields on the agent side
  • Have get_messages poller update chat available trigger
  • Add chat field layout editor/per-department editor, handle custom fields on user side
  • Allow exporting of DPQL reports to PDF (only tables can be exported, not graphs)
  • Workaround RTE bug where links could continue over multiple lines in certain situations.
  • Add support for logging into DeskPRO using XenForo login credentials.
  • Start of custom chat fields
  • Make sure charset/collation are set on created tables in generated build scripts
  • Fix dupe criteria markup for "Message body"
  • Add option to show button to newticket when chat offline - Fix display of button with non-standard texts (width was off)
  • Fix disable_autoresponses profile setting affecting new ticket by agent as well
  • Fix always enabling notifications on newticket by agent interface (action was supposed to be turned into a trigger in a recent build)
  • Remember what user types in textbox between pages
  • Fix missing joined/left messages
  • Cleanup some JS around channel subscriptions that were removed
  • Better handling of user timeouts and user abandoning chats
  • Clean up delivery of client messages - Get rid of ClientChannelSubscription - Better polling for CMs on chats based on what youre viewing - Get rid of old ClientMessagesController that was replaced by efficient get_messages.php script. No longer required since subscriptions were removed.
  • Add avatars next to chat messages
  • Fix situation where tweets were counted in "unassigned tweets" when they shouldn't have been.
  • Handle Twitter authentication errors more gracefully.
  • Support generating a test desktop notification to demonstrate how they work, and also provide more updated feedback for how to manage notifications.
  • Show errors from Salesforce to make troubleshooting easier.
  • Fix Website URL not being saved from embedded ticket form website widget
  • Dont enforce the core_tickets.gateway_agent_require_marker setting if agent replied to a non-DeskPRO email (e.g., replied to a CC from someone).
  • Handle very long chat messages gracefully by truncating and showing button to view full message
  • Add logout link to user chat window
  • Layout "Visitor Informaiton" a bit better
  • Add option to immediately dismiss claimed chat, make claimed chats more obvious
  • Fix ended chat not hiding reply area box
  • Pause keyboard shortcuts when chat ends if typing to prevent many shortcuts being pressed
  • Fix 'origin' on imported chat messages
  • Call wincache clear from within upgrade-util as well
  • Fix SubjectMatchDetector not correctly matching when the user is also an agent
  • Add chat wait timeout - If user waiting too long for an agent, cancel chat and show link to newticket
  • Fix showing new chat by "anonymous" when a name/email was entered - Try to detect case when someone inputs email into name box on new chat
  • Add note to website embeds page about chat not showing up unless there are agents available
  • Fix extra border under 'All Chats' in source pane
  • Fix possible inconsistencies when fetching agents available for chat when multiple sessions are started or multiple sessions for the same user exist
  • Improve "whos online for chat" in agent, add grouping by department option
  • Gracefully handle possible errors in search builder so it doesnt break the interface
  • Move agents above quick stats on admin home
  • Add another hotmail cut pattern
  • Fix body_full in same way body was fixed
  • Add "Assigned agent" and "Agent team" options to "send agent email" trigger action
  • Better description for "Performer" and make sure it doesnt show up under Escalations
  • Fix breadcrumb link back to Agent Emails when editing agent email template
  • Fix newticket form missing markup for ccs or person name if they weren't enbaled on the 'default' layout. - Means if you switched to a department with the field enabled, it wouldn't show up because the markup was missing from the page.
  • Add close button to onboard 'how do i' message
  • Improve welcome box a bit, add live chat button if support chat is online
  • Clean up description of custom email address vs aliases
  • Light-weight serve (get_messages etc) should handle offline triggers so they dont get called while an upgrade is being processed
  • Use module name in htaccess <IfModule> to catch certain cases on Windows where the filename is not mod_rewrite.c (but mod_rewrite.so).
  • Fix case where DOMDocument could "clean" HTML email source and move a paragraph into a <head> tag which would then be stripped by further processing
  • Make debugging File not found errors a bit easier
  • Log when disable_autoreponses is enabled on an account, add ticketlog for when notfication is suppressed because of autoresponses option, robot emails only suppress auto-replies for current ticket

If you are using the cloud version of DeskPRO, your account will have already been updated or will be updated within the next 24-48 hours.

If you are using DeskPRO download, you can update your installation from the admin interface.

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