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يوليو 20 2020

Deskpro 2020.2 Release

Authors list

19th October 2020 - 2020.2.8

  • Security fix: Fixed an issue that could allow a specially crafted URL to trick some Windows hosts into serving files that reside outside the web root if the path on the filesystem was known and the file ended with a common user file extension (html, js, css, txt, log, pdf, doc, yml, ini, json etc. but NOT .php).
  • DPLEG-20 - Fixed issue with News subscriptions not sending on categories that only had "Registered" usergroup permission
  • Fixed issue with Guides helpcenter API returning too-big payloads

5th October 2020 - 2020.2.7

  • Fix Estonian flag
  • CH-18005: 'Undefined index: token' for some customers using Exchange email account type

29th September 2020 - 2020.2.6


  • CH-17842-OAuth 2.0 support for Office365 (you can read more about this in our news post) .

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-17813 - Error saving Messenger settings if Knowledgebase is disabled.
  • CH-15671 - Unable to change permissions in Messenger for non-default brands.
  • CH-17709 - Problem creating new chats in Messenger from widget.
  • CH-15285 - Knowledgebase search showing on Messenger when it is disabled.
  • CH-15420 - Category and product fields showing incorrectly on the user form if no options are available for the user.
  • CH-17851- Some agents are unable to accept incoming phone calls.
  • CH-17668 - Certain changes to the Helpcenter theme can cause an issue with CSS and styles.
  • CH-11941 - Some images are not loading correctly when they were added to the Helpdesk via copy/paste method.
  • CH-17944 - Embedded ticket form fails on Chrome with CSRF error

1st September 2020 - 2020.2.5

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-17482 - Escalation criteria sometimes won't save.  
  • CH-17447 - Ensure the portal templates fallback mechanism is working if there is an issue flagged by the sandbox feature.
  • CH-17177 - When custom logic is applying to a field in a department layout, the field cannot be set/edited.
  • CH-16250 - Ensure the correct default email addresses are being used for each brand.
  • CH-17452 - Email Templates editor is broken when Deskpro is installed in a subfolder.
  • CH-16979 - The 'Ticket New Reminder' email template preview displays a 500 server error.
  • CH-4240 - Ensure the new email templates editor detects all phrases and displays them in a blue box appropriately.
  • CH-16517 - The wrong timezone conversion is being used for datetime fields in reports.
  • CH-17482 - Fix the missing ticket deflection translation strings on the Help Center.
  • CH-14512 - Calendar widget used for the date field on the Help Center doesn't update when the user manually types in a date.
  • CH-14886 - Fix Facebook authentication on Help Center.
  • CH-17381 - When an organization field is being used in a ticket form layout, the ticket properties cannot be edited via the portal for an existing ticket. 
  • CH-16980 - Attempt to limit user-supplied host names from using internal services.
  • CH-17506 - Fix typo in table name which can cause a helpdesk reset to fail. 
  • CH-16842 and CH-15783 - Unable to save rate limits on API keys.
  • CH-14661 - Distinguish between a negative and no rating for Chat satisfaction in API V2.
  • CH-17210 - RuntimeException:0 Failed to send Pusher events.
  • CH-17234 - The form's view data is expected to be an instance of class Application/DeskPRO/Entity/Blob, but is a(n) string.
  • CH-17382 - Fix error: Call to a member function getId() on null (/app/src/Application/AgentBundle/Controller/NewsController.php:514.
  • CH-17316 - Fix error: [EXCEPTION] Exception:0 DateInterval::__construct(): Unknown or bad format (P900S).
  • CH-17209 - Fix error: [EXCEPTION] InvalidArgumentException:0 Attempt to save a blob without authcode (/app/src/Application/DeskPRO/Entity/Blob.php:935) - count()=1.0 .
  • CH-17135 - Fix error: [EXCEPTION] Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError:0 Call to a member function getId() on null (/app/src/Application/AgentBundle/Controller/KbController.php:1168) - count()=3.0 .
  • CH-17107 - Fix error: [EXCEPTION] Application\DeskPRO\RefGenerator\RefGeneratorException:0 Cannot find unique ref after 101 attempts with pattern DISX-<###>. Aborting. (/app/src/Application/DeskPRO/RefGenerator/CustomRef.php:182)
  • CH-17123 - Promote a read-only filesystem.
  • CH-16869 - Prevent memory exhaustion when resizing images.

14th August 2020 - 2020.2.4

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-17028: Possible error during sending of custom new email template
  • Several improvements to template sandbox to allow more callable methods on custom temlpates

30th July 2020 - 2020.2.3

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-16805: Instances with thousands of custom templates might break during upgrade due to a memory error during re-compiling step
  • CH-16821: An agent could craft a special news article such that raw HTML got output in the News carousel, even if that agent did not have permission to use "any html".
  • CH-16942: Fix cascading dropdown menu in helpcenter

28th July 2020 - 2020.2.2

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-16734 - Agents with login alert email notifications would see an error after login due to new email template sandboxing.

27th July 2020 - 2020.2.1

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-16740 - Relative time criteria in Filters has stopped working.

20th July 2020 - 2020.2

New Features:

The following features have been automatically available for new customers and available for existing customers to test for a few months, however, we are officially launching these today:

Additionally, we have some other exciting new features available from today:

  • Control whether Pending status is counted in SLAs and ticket waiting times. Find out more here.
  • Report on user waiting time and first reply time within working hours. Find out more here.
  • Trigger criteria for custom date fields now support selecting a relative time in the future (e.g 2 days/months/years from now).

Bug Fixes:

  • CH-15792 - Intermittent error caused when a user approves/rejects an Approval request via the portal.
  • CH-6074 - Prevent Agent permissions from causing an error when an Admin tries to add an Approval type.
  • CH-14658 - Ensure the default values for built-in fields (e.g. Category or Product) are displayed in the contact form when a parent/child hierarchy is being used.
  • CH-14823 - If you apply a Macro from the reply button which should send a reply and unassign the ticket, the ticket is not changed to 'unassigned'.
  • CH-15662 - The toggle to enable/disable Guides for the portal isn't working.
  • CH-11022 - The Snippet manager closed automatically after clicking the 'Languages' menu when a language pack has been uninstalled.
  • CH-15431 - Don't display the shortcut code for snippets that are removed when a language pack is uninstalled.
  • CH-13738 - Fixed the "Requested unknown parameter" error which occurred when adding particular built-in stats as widgets to a dashboard.
  • CH-15452 - Unable to successfully drag an attachment from a ticket to desktop.
  • CH-15672 - When a cron job fails, don't retry until the next interval.
  • CH-15441 - Add CSRF token on profile/emails?remove_email
  • CH-15680 - InvalidArgumentException:0 (/app/src/Application/DeskPRO/Entity/Ticket.php line 4675): 50147 is not an agent.
  • CH-15205 - Fixed the error "Call to a member function setDateExpire() on null".
  • CH-16055 - Missing unique key in user chat queue targets.
  • CH-15720, CH-15024, CH-15233, CH-15502, CH-15062 - Security enhancements and fixes.

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