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How do I hide the 'contact us' tab on the front portal page? - Kiến thức cơ bản / Deskpro Legacy - Deskpro Support

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How do I hide the 'contact us' tab on the front portal page?

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We get a lot of portal modification questions, and this one is a very simple modification that we are asked about quite often. Some of our customers want more tabs at the top, others just the search bar without any tabs. Our platform allows you to build and style the portal in the way you desire.


Here we will reveal how to remove this specific button from the front page, allowing the search bar to stretch horizontally, in full, across the page. There isn’t a setting or toggle to hide this, so we are actually going to go into the script and modify the code directly in 3 easy steps. This is done in a safe environment, and any changes you make can be reverted easily.


Step 1: 

Get editing.


Open up the Portal editor. This is found in Admin > User Interface > Portal 



At the bottom of the page you can select a template to modify. Use the search to find the template labelled “Header/page_search_box.html”. Open this page up in the template editor.


Step 2. 


Remove the unwanted code. 


In this example, you will want to remove the code between lines 16-74. Don't be shy about this, you are able to revert this page back to default at any time - and you are working in a “sandbox” until the next step. Highlight as I have shown, and hit delete.






You will notice this is the start and end of the same “if” function. You can also see the same vertical dotted line marking the indentations will align up and connect the first line of the code with the last line. We make use of consistent indentation practices within the HTML to more easily manage the code on the screen, each whole section of code will start and end with the same indentation.


Step 3. 


Preview changes, save and publish.


You will now need to save the file you have edited, by clicking save at the bottom. You will be brought back to the template editor page, here you can preview your changes at the top of the page. If you have completed this correctly, pressing preview should show your portal with the 'contact us' button removed. You will need to press “Save Changes” at the top of the page to publish these changes.


These changes are applied instantly to your portal, you will just need to refresh your front page, and it should look something like this. Beautiful!


This very simple process has allowed you to change a big part of the front portal and demonstrates how easy it is for you to make impactful changes to the feng shui of your portal. All of the portal code is modifiable, open, and can be reverted to previous versions in a click.


Depending on your skill, you can play around with this tool and change what you want. We also offer portal design assistance for the more complex jobs out there - this is a bespoke design service tailored to your own chosen specification.


See our page on consultancy for more options on customization.


If you have any problems or queries with any of the instructions I have provided, please get in touch with our support department.

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