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Data Import and Migrations

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If you are looking to import your data into your Deskpro helpdesk, there are a few different ways in which we can help you with this;

CSV User Import

If you have an existing list of Users (in an external CRM application, customer database, legacy helpdesk, or a spreadsheet) you can import that list into Deskpro using the Comma Separated Values (CSV) format.

Import via API

You can also use the Deskpro API to move data between an external source and your helpdesk. This is the most flexible method but requires software development knowledge.

The API is REST-based, which means that almost any programming language can be used to interact with it.

You can find information on the Deskpro API here.

Custom Import

We can help you import your data on a consultancy-priced basis. Get in touch here for more information or by emailing

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