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The operation "billing-charges" is not available in the v2 API - Phản hồi / Bug Report - Deskpro Support


The operation "billing-charges" is not available in the v2 API Finished

The Deskpro v2 API does not seem have an operation endpoint for "billing-charges".

Official response

Eloise Rea

Hi Brendan, I’m just reaching out as we are doing a review of open bug reports in Deskpro since the release of Deskpro Horizon. I’ve taken a look into this issue and I can see the endpoint /api/v2/tickets/{parentId}/chargesis now available in API v2. Do reach out via our webform if you are still experiencing any issues.

Comments (1)

The billing-charges" operation in the v1 API does not work. In the absence of the billing-charges operation in the v2 API, I was advised to use the v1 API operation instead. When I do this it fails. We have an on premise solution and the v1 API docs indicate the operation is there. In using the v1 API form to test the operation it also fails.