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Smart parsing improvements for Exchange servers - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Smart parsing improvements for Exchange servers Collecting Feedback

Exchange servers strips the the e-mail address of internal users that are already in the Global Address List, in forwarded mails, making it impossible to use smart parsing when forwarding emails to the helpdesk. That is problem, when you, like us, mostly serve internal users. The problem is described here:<br />

We haven't been able to get the "forward email as an attachment" workaround to work, so we only have the option of manually adding the email address when forwarding mails. This is a pain, because it has to be done exactly the right way. You have to use the <> around the email address, and if you have more than one email domains (like .com and .dk) then you have to use the right domain that the user is registered with in the helpdesk, otherwise you will create a new user with the other email domain address. This is especially true, if you use AD sync like we do, because the AD sync only pulls the primary email address, not the alias' of the users on other domains.

I suggest adding the option to smart parse forwarded emails according to full name and not just email address. If you use AD sync then the full name would precisely match that of the internal user and the helpdesk would be able to identify the user in the forwarded email correctly.

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