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Separate naming for custome fileds - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Separate naming for custome fileds Collecting Feedback

I am working on using more than one real department which hold several "sub-departments" that represent processes. The problem is that I have to set up a ton of custom fields. Right now I can see all my custom fields across all departments at once and this is getting pretty crowded.

I would like to have a third alias for me as admin to sort the fileds (like DepA_ProcB_Field1 for admins and Field1 in the ticket properties). Since fields are alphabetically listed this would provide an easy way to get kind of a structure. Alternatively a department-specific filter could also do the trick. Also possible: DeskPRO uses the alias not only for the API but also for the ticket properties if provided. DepA_ProcB_Field1 is not looking so nice ;)

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