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Multiple signatures per agent Collecting Feedback

We have agents that work in multiple departments. Each department has a different email and phone number. I'd like our agents to have separate signatures that are chosen by the department they are sending from.

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Christoph Strauss
As a workaround you could use snippets with %sig1, %sig2, %sig3, etc.
Maikel Bocekcioglu
It would be helpful to be able to assign multiple signatures per agent. Typically this would be helpful when a single agent deals with tickets across multiple brands.
Aïdée Carrière
We would need to have many signatures for the agent, one in French and one in English. Right now, when we put our signature in, it removes all the formatting and we can't use it. We need to take a print screen and add the signature as an image for it to work. It would be nice to have those two upgrades.

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