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Allow agents to follow an organisation (without using triggers) - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Allow agents to follow an organisation (without using triggers) Collecting Feedback

We have a requirement for whenever certain organisations (though per-user may also be useful) log a ticket, then a particular agent is notified.

The notification could easily be handled by setting them as a follower, and while this whole process CAN be handled via new ticket triggers, I would like agents to be able to handle this themselves without having me create dozens of triggers that just pollute the workspace.

Feature request to be able to auto-add followers by selecting agents on the org/person details screen.

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Samuel Waser
You can kind of solve this by agents creating their custom filters on organisation or user level. Agents then can hide these filters in their view if wanted but at the same time set their own notification triggers on these filters in their profile settings. Maybe this helps?

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