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Ability to see to whom the USER addressed emails that were imported into the system - Phản hồi / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ability to see to whom the USER addressed emails that were imported into the system Collecting Feedback

We would like to see some kind of visual indicator for the addressees of an email sent by a USER.

The reason for this request is as follows: If a ticket has CC recipients, all of these recipients can see all responses (as intended). However, for users who respond to tickets via email, this is NOT the expected behavior.

We sometimes have situations in which a user tries to start a private "side-conversation" by taking an agent reply notification email, removing other recipients from the CC, and responding to our helpdesk email address. The user understandably thinks that his reply will not be read by people he/she removed from the CC. However, the email will be imported and added to the ticket, and will be visible to all ticket recipients via the portal. It may also end up in future email notifications sent by the system, such as in the next agent reply confirmation message (as part of the ticket history).

The situation above occasionally goes wrong in our setup. This also happens in conversations with third-parties or with departments that do not utilize the ticket system, and can lead to the disclosure of sensitive information. It also sometimes happens when users respond to an old message with a new question, in which case it is unclear in the interface if the user intended to add anyone to the CC at all.

We have not been able to think of a perfect solution to this issue. The behavior that all recipients can see the entire ticket is desired, but can lead to uncomfortable situations as described above. At present, the only solution is for an agent to somehow notice the mistake and to split the offending message to a new ticket (or to convert it into an agent note).

To begin addressing this conundrum we would like to see a method to see to whom a user sent an email from the Agent Interface. Ideally, this would be something like this:
- A prominently visible indicator (such as a red warning text or an icon) somewhere in the message that states that a message was not sent to all ticket recipients. This would help alert agents to the situation so that they can fix it.
- Information about the To/CC field of an email in the "raw ticket message source" dialog.
- Possibly some more information about the addressees of emails in the ticket log.

At the moment the only option is via the email logs, but this is not helpful as these are only accessible to admins.

Alternative solutions to this issue are, of course, also welcome!

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