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I'm having trouble with some tickets ending up in random departments - Bilgi Bankası / Using Deskpro - Deskpro Support

I'm having trouble with some tickets ending up in random departments

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I've noticed a few tickets on my helpdesk are ending up in departments that don't make any sense given our helpdesk setup.

For example, we have a department that is only ever manually assigned by agents, but some tickets created from user emails have ended up in that department. What could be causing this?



Every ticket must always have a department. Usually, Deskpro makes sure that a new ticket has a department - forms that can create a ticket require a department, and the email account triggers assign a department for tickets created via email.

In some rare cases, a ticket can be created without a department, in which case it gets assigned to a random department.

One possible cause of this is that you have an old trigger that is trying to assign the ticket to a parent department (used to group departments), rather than a department. Creating a trigger like that is not possible now, but was permitted by earlier versions of Deskpro.

To troubleshoot the problem, look at the ticket history FULL LOG for the affected tickets. Check any Triggers/SLAs/Escalations/Macros that have run on them all, and make sure a valid department is being assigned.

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