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мар 12 2019

Deskpro 2019.3 Release

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We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2019.3. This includes changes to Ticket Statuses, as well as many other improvements to your helpdesk.

  • Pending Status - We've introduced a new "Pending" status which replaces the "On-hold" status which was previously a sub-status of Awaiting Agent. "Pending" is now an independent status which can be used to indicate when a ticket is not awaiting the assigned Agent or User, but is pending something else (e.g. Awaiting 3rd Party).
  • Sub-Statuses - You can now create custom sub-statuses that are associated with the existing core statuses, and allow your Agents to better define what state the ticket is in.

Other Improvements

  • General performance improvements
  • DP-2904 Add option to API keys to specify use of v1 or v2 APIs - API keys can not be limited to v1 or v2 of the API. Useful because API tags (which allow you to limit what endpoints an API can use) only apply to v2.
  • DP-2985 Allow to set context through /api/v2/tickets
  • DP-3135 Record what status the Agent selects when they send a reply in the ticket logs
  • DP-2894 Allow single line and multi-line custom field values to be searchable with Elasticsearch
  • DP-2818 UI improvements for sharable links setup
  • DP-2819 Add link to "agent dashboard" description
  • DP-2986 Maths for handlebars - Before this fix, it wasn't possible to check if a query with special '{{math value "/" 60}}' as 'value_label_template' was correct because it was causing an error.
  • DP-2813 Add date generated to scheduled report
  • DP-2812 Remove need for popups on CSV export
  • DP-2806 Add an optional Description field on custom stats
  • DP-2817 Add SLA label to the SLA built-in stats
  • DP-2807 Add more mouse over icons for widgets added to dashboards (includes a link back to stat in stat builder, print icon, export as CSV icon and help icon)
  • DP-2428 Guides: parent topic creation UI improvements

Bug Fixes

  • DP-3004 The French language pack is displaying as 'Anglais'
  • DP-2944 Standalone PHP script to import KB articles
  • DP-1794 Unable to open, delete or publish draft guide topics
  • DP-2695 Customer should not get a timeout error when trying to save new custom fields/options
  • DP-2852 Emails failed to send: Header value must be composed of printable US-ASCII characters
  • DP-2993 We should display the date/time in the Recent Activity drop-down
  • DP-3005 When you export tickets as CSV, the 'Language' names with special characters aren't displayed correctly
  • DP-3021 Use the core default timezone on shared dashboard URL
  • DP-3039 Improve First/Last name split
  • DP-2936 Add Email Processing log and gateway setting in ticket debug archive
  • DP-3027 Fix error:Exception: 0 Type error: Argument 1 passed to DeskPRO\Bundle\AppBundle\Settings\Model\IMSettings::setChatsOrder() must be of the type array, null given
  • DP-3009 Fix error: Call to a member function getBrand() on null
  • DP-3000 Broken plural translation on portal
  • DP-3040 Extra brands displaying on agent new ticket form
  • DP-2971 In POST to /tickets - you are required to define every single agent validated field, regardless of department
  • DP-3051 Disabling the 'Everyone' usergroup for one brand, breaks the other brand's portal pages
  • DP-2810 Shouldn't be able to edit labels on built-in stats
  • DP-3094 Fix error: E_WARNING (/app/src/DeskPRO/Bundle/ReportBundle/Dpql2/Func/DpqlFormat.php line 74): number_format() expects parameter 1 to be float, string given
  • DP-1364 Satisfaction Survey displays when user resolve any ticket from the Portal, even if Satisfaction is disabled in Admin
  • DP-2150 Stat Builder | Saving Queries with % in string at start is not saving the stat
  • DP-3090 V2 API: Cannot retrieve any custom_data from tickets/[parentid]/charges/[id]
  • DP-2918 It should not be possible to save invalid weekdays when using custom date fields in tickets
  • DP-3011 Modifying the alias of a multi-select field can cause corruption leading to a redirect loop
  • DP-3059 Possible to forward deleted attachments
  • DP-3100 Inline embedded (pasted) images are not attached to emails 
  • DP-3065 Ticket Billing predefined choices field not displayed on Ticket Page
  • DP-3022 All usersource brands should be added to a person during AD sync
  • DP-2994 Parsing certain incoming emails ignored attached inline images

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